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The Implications of Davidic Repentance


di Stefan M. Attard

Analecta Biblica 212

2016, pp. 548

A Synchronic Analysis of Book 2 of the Psalter (Psalms 42-72)

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AutoreAttard, Stefan

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di Stefan M. Attard

Analecta Biblica 212

2016, pp. 548

This work analyses the various lexical, thematic, and rhetorical links that span Book 2 (Ps 42-72) to undergird its organisation. A smooth transition across the inner seams of Book 2 consolidates its unity. David's life sheds light on the exilic debacle trough the parallelism between Ps 42-49 and 51-72 where the latter interpret and refine the former. The penitential tone ensuing from Ps 50-51 bears upon Ps 52-72 which hence a clear didactic function in relation to Ps 42-49, challenging the position taken in Ps 44. The Jenseits and Diesseits interpretations with which Ps 42-49 and 51-52 respectively conclude (and where the poor feature clearly) further develop the exilic underpinnings present in their initial laments. Unlike the royal Ps 45 which answers exilic concerns, Book 2 closes off with a royal psalm which focuses on the poor, that is, those whose situation is comparable to that of the exile.

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