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Temporary Profession and Exclusion


Jacinta Auma Opondo

Tesi Gregoriana Diritto Canonico 106

2016, pp. 448 



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AutoreOpondo, Jacinta Auma

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Jacinta Auma Opondo

Tesi Gregoriana Diritto Canonico 106

2016, pp. 448 

Determining suitability of members remains one of the highest ideals in Law for the religious, but also one of the most challenging for Religious Institute to absolutely implement, such that the superiors at times find themselves admitting members to profession of vows who lack vocation. To facilitate the practical mechanisms in such situations, can. 655 legislates for temporary profession before perpetual vows and can. 689 provides for exclusion from subsequent profession when just causes exist. These pro- visions, however, raises several issues such as: what is the essence of this «temporariness» if one commits himself to the service of God for life at the very first profession of vows? If God is the source of vocation, why should a Superior deny one who still feels called admission to subsequent profession? How does the Law support and protect Superiors who are bound in conscience in such delicate decisions and members who are the passive subjects of such delicate decisions? Motivated by these questions, this work presents an analysis of temporary vows and exclusion from subsequent profession through a theological- juridical framework in the context of the existing official documents found in the life of the Church from the first century until the 1983 code; and then use the observations from the study of the jurisprudence of the Holy See on re- course against exclusion from subsequent vows to propose forward-looking possibilities.


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