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Archeo-Biblical Egypt


di Robert North

1967, pp. 160

A methodical inspection of the biblical sites may best begin in Egypt, from an ideal as well as a practical viewpoint.

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di Robert North

1967, pp. 160

Just as many of the early pages of Salvation-History unfold upon Egypt’s soil as in Palestine. We will single out for special emphasis the two great excavation sites of Amarna and Tanis. But it would be well to make first a rapid survey of those monuments which attract tourists to Egypt from all over the world. Instead of following them in the order of time, or in the geographical order which can be found in any guide-book, we will remark upon five special categories of Egyptian monumental art. These are pyramids, obelisks, sphinx-colossi, temples, and tombs. It will turn out that all of these give impressive witness to a belief in immortality flourishing within the larger biblical background. Tables of contents: Amarna; Ramesses and Tanis; New Testament (Coptic) Egypt; Maps and plans.

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